Leadership Retreats


Our passion: creating transformational experiences for inspired leaders


Let us build a gamechanging  gathering for you 

  • Corporate retreat? On it. 
  • Team building? Yep. 
  • Leadership development? We got you. 
  • Customized convening that you've dreamed up but don't quite know how to pull off that changes the lives of everyone involved? Doesn't scare us. 

What brings us alive is working with leaders to create transformational in-person gatherings to achieve specific outcomes. And we're really good at it. 

How our  participants describe our retreats:





Executive Leadership Retreats

If you're looking to bring together the women leaders in your organization to bond, discuss common challenges, develop their leadership capacities, or work on a specific issue, we can help.

We'll work with you to understand your specific goals for the convening, customize an agenda, provide logistical support, and facilitate your retreat for you. 

Custom Retreats

If you've ever dreamed of creating a convening with other female leaders, but don't quite know how to start or how to design a meaningful experience, we can guide you. 

We'll listen to your vision and desired outcomes and work with you to design a curated experience that will work toward your goals. 

Interested in hosting a retreat of your own? 

Reach out and we'll set up time to discuss, dream, and imagine with you.