“The experience was truly transformational.” 

~ Anesa Chaibi, CEO, CoolSys

The Challenge


Despite business women reaching historic levels of success, they’re not actually thriving. They contend with disproportionate levels of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, and health issues. Left unaddressed, these issues lead to:

  • Decreased performance
  • Disengagement and turnover
  • Leaving the workforce entirely

While conversations about mental health are becoming more common, very few are discussing why women specifically are disproportionately suffering in the workplace or what can be done about it.

To succeed, women need new perspectives, true solutions, and a healthier way of working.

This was deeply meaningful, inspiring, and very helpful to me both personally and professionally.” 

~ Sarah Macdonald, CEO, Novvia Group

The Work 

In this first-of-its-kind workshop, we work with your organization to identify what’s needed for the women on your team to truly thrive.

Rooted in cutting-edge research, first-hand accounts from women who've redefined success in business and cultivated true wellbeing, and personal narrative, this inspiring session gives women a new framework of understanding.

We highlight the invisible barriers that hold women back, which leaves participants feeling both validated and empowered. From there, they uncover ways to cultivate their personal wellbeing and step into a more authentic way of leading at work.

Team members leave with a greater understanding of themselves and what’s needed to elevate their personal leadership, new tools to bolster their mental health and performance, and a deeper connection to their colleagues and their team.

“By taking the time to develop meaningful relationships and relate to each person individually, it allowed me the space to reconnect with myself. This can't be underestimated and isn't easy to describe.” 

~ Brenda Chamulak, CEO, TekniPlex 

The Outcomes

  • Leadership Development - nurture the development of your team as they identify specific ways to grow their personal leadership
  • Team Retention - build the infrastructure for women to find needed support and camaraderie at your organization
  • Enhanced Collaboration - forge lasting bonds and greater alignment between team members
  • Team Engagement - clearly demonstrate that you care about the wellbeing of your employees, which is a major contributor to employee engagement

Interested in a workshop?

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