4 Women-Led Distilleries With Purpose

Here are a few women-led and purpose-driven liquor manufacturers whose conscious business practices will definitely lift your spirits.


In 2014, I co-founded Conscious Company Media, the first multimedia organization in the country that specifically focuses on purpose-driven business. As the publisher of Conscious Company Magazine and host of the World-Changing Women Podcast, I’ve literally interviewed and shared the stories of hundreds of the most prominent leaders in the conscious-business space. In 2017, I created the World-Changing Women’s Summit, an intimate gathering of mission-driven female*** entrepreneurs to talk all-things-conscious-business (we’re talking the good, bad, and the ugly), and had the privilege of choosing which incredible women graced our stage to tell their stories.  

All this to say: I know a thing or two about recognizing incredible female social entrepreneurs whose companies move the needle toward an economy, society, and planet that can better serve us all (not just the one-percenters) — and if you’re looking for some good news these days, let me tell you: there are a lot of inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders out there, and many of them are women and people of color.

In the age of COVID-19, it’s more important now than ever before to support social enterprises, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and businesses that are founded and led by — as well as serve and support — under-represented and marginalized groups of people. Here are a few women-led and purpose-driven liquor manufacturers whose conscious business practices will definitely lift your spirits.

***individuals who identify as women, trans, and gender non-conforming


1. Montanya Distillers

In 2008, Karen Hoskin answered her heart’s call to create a rum company to be a force for good. She founded Montanya Distillers — a 100 percent wind-powered rum-manufacturing facility in Crested Butte, Colorado — and at the time she was one of the few female distillers in the country. Montanya is a certified B Corp and a “Best for the World” company, and the entire production of their Valentia rum is run by women, from distillers and bottlers to the forklift drivers.


2. Headframe Spirits 

Wife-husband duo Courtney McKee and John McKee launched Headframe Spirits in 2010 in Butte, Montana, and the company has since become a certified B Corp, one of only five certified B Corps in the state. Headframe is the only company in the world that produces continuous-flow distillation equipment for the micro-distilling industry. Courtney runs the company as CEO and creates opportunities for other entrepreneurs through the Distiller’s Guild of Montana.


3. Absinthia Bottled Spirits

Founded by Absinthia Vermut in 2013, Absinthia Bottled Spirits is WBENC Woman-Owned Certified Business that crafts absinthe using certified organic and biodynamic grapes from California and certified organic herbs from an organic farm in Oregon.


4. Square One Organic Spirits

Allison Evanow founded Square One Organic Spirits, a female-owned boutique organic spirits company, with the mission of creating innovative organic spirits with environmental responsibility in mind. Square One’s philosophy is built around finding as many green business practices as possible, including using soy inks, FSC-certified and carbon-neutral face labels, wind-power at the distillery, a bottle designed to be reused, and eco-friendly packaging.

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