3 Women-Led Baby-Food Brands With Purpose

These women-led and purpose-driven baby-food companies serve a whole lot of sustenance with a side of positive impact.


In 2014, I co-founded Conscious Company Media, the first multimedia organization in the country that specifically focuses on purpose-driven business. As the publisher of Conscious Company Magazine and host of the World-Changing Women Podcast, I’ve literally interviewed and shared the stories of hundreds of the most prominent leaders in the conscious-business space. In 2017, I created the World-Changing Women’s Summit, an intimate gathering of mission-driven female*** entrepreneurs to talk all-things-conscious-business (we’re talking the good, bad, and the ugly), and had the privilege of choosing which incredible women graced our stage to tell their stories.  

All this to say: I know a thing or two about recognizing incredible female social entrepreneurs whose companies move the needle toward an economy, society, and planet that can better serve us all (not just the one-percenters) — and if you’re looking for some good news these days, let me tell you: there are a lot of inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders out there, and many of them are women and people of color.

In the age of COVID-19, it’s more important now than ever before to support social enterprises, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and businesses that are founded and led by — as well as serve and support — under-represented and marginalized groups of people. As a conscious-business connoisseur (and also a mother), I adore the following women-led and purpose-driven baby-food brands, which serve a whole lot of sustenance with a side of positive impact.

***individuals who identify as women, trans, and gender non-conforming


1. Happy Family

Launched by Shazi Visram on Mother’s Day 2006, Happy Family is an organic, environmentally conscious baby-food company with the mission “to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition.” Both a Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, Happy Family won the “Best for the World: Changemakers” Award and has created innovative products like the fully transparent baby-food pouches called “Clearly Crafted” and the gluten-free “Happy Baby Puffs.”


2. White Leaf Provisions

White Leaf Provisions is a small family-run business that introduced the first 100 percent regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic, and GMO-free baby-food line to retail in the US. White Leaf was founded in 2016 by the wife-husband duo Meghan Rowe and Keith Rowe, and Meghan serves as the company’s CEO.


3. Whole Kids

In 2005, Monica Meldrum founded the organic-food company Whole Kids with the mission to help parents across Australia “create happier, healthier lives for their children.” Whole Kids is a founding member of B Corporation Australia and was the first food company in Australia to become certified as a B Corp.

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