Are you looking to connect with an intimate group of womxn leaders who understand what you’re going through?

Do you need peers to bounce ideas off of or get advice from?

Or maybe you simply need to be in the company of other incredible womxn leaders who inspire you?

If so, Womxn Led Mastermind Circles might be a perfect fit for you.

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How Mastermind Circles Work

A group of 5 to 7 womxn meets once per month at a time the whole group agrees on (the same time every month) for 90 minutes in a lightly facilitated group. We discuss whatever you need to talk about for that month and everyone gets a chance to present their issue and get feedback from the group.

Hannah Drain Taylor, Co-founder, Delta Awesome

"Womxn Led Circles have been a truly safe and wonderful space to deeply connect with women founders about both the good and the depressing parts of running a business. We share ideas and lift each other up. I am so grateful to have joined this group!"

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